How to Help Stenciling Kit

You can help educate others about the fate of storm water runoff through our storm drains by stenciling a message next to storm drains in your local area. The message reads: “Dump no waste: drains to stream” (or lake, or river). Stencils and handouts that inform others about storm drain stenciling are available free of charge to groups or individuals in Wisconsin.

WAV has a number of resources available to you to help make your project a success. To see step by step directions on how to plan and carry out a storm drain stenciling project in your area, a tips list of important things to do in order to successfully carry out your project, a sample liability waiver, a sample press release, information about working with your local government and a reporting form, download our portable document format files (pdf*) found below. You can download the entire packet of information, or any of the parts.

Door hanger cards are available in packs of 250. The number of packets that are necessary for a project depends on neighborhood size, number of volunteers and time frame for the stenciling project. See the Frequently Asked Questions page about storm drain stenciling for more information.

Pick up a Stencil Kit Near You

WAV has developed partnerships with many communities in Wisconsin to have stencils available to you from a local source. Check the listing of local contacts to see if there is someone in your area who has storm drain stencils and informational materials on-hand. Some of these contacts also have paints, safety items and other stenciling equipment available for loan.

Order a Kit

If there is not a local stencil contact in your area you can order stencils and informational door hanger cards by using the online order form, calling 608-264-8948, or downloading the pdf file, order stencils (10K pdf) and sending the completed form to Martha Martin at 445 Henry Mall, Rm 202, Madison, Wisconsin 53706-1289.
Some thoughts to consider if placing an order for storm drain stencils: You can expect stencils to be useable for stenciling about 15 storm drains. (Paint builds up on the stencil eventually rendering it useless.)

If you are from outside Wisconsin, you can order stencils from C & R Stencils online at:

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