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Exploring Streams Middle and High School Curriculumcurriculum image

This curriculum that incorporate all of our Level 1 stream monitoring program as well as activities to enable students to share their results and ideas for improving and protecting local streams is available for download on our website. >Go to curriculum page


The WAV Packet - Make WAVes For Action!WAV Packet
What is the WAV packet? It's a program resource that includes eight action-oriented activities. These projects promote good environmental stewardship through a solid educational framework. Volunteers learn about water quality issues, and then choose activities that promote a positive learning experience while benefiting a community's water resources.

Units included in the packet:

  • Stream Walk Survey: Gather information about a waterway. Download: Stream Walk Survey (460 KB pdf) and the associated data form (83 KB pdf)
  • Watershed in a Box: Build a simple watershed model to show runoff pollution. Download Watershed in a Box (1.56 MB pdf)
  • Stream or River Cleanup: Organize a waterway clean-up. Download: River Clean Up (1.56 MB pdf) or visit a section of our website for additional guidance. > Access WAV River Cleanup information
  • Erosion in a Bottle: Create a model that demonstrates the principles of soil erosion. Download: Erosion in a Bottle (273 KB pdf)
  • Urban Runoff Model: Build a model that demonstrates the dynamics of stormwater runoff. Download: Urban Runoff Model (pdf 226 KB pdf)
  • Critter Search: Learn how to collect aquatic insects and animals from a stream to assess water quality. Download: Biotic Index (1.2 MB pdf) and the associated data sheet (221 KB pdf).
  • Storm Drain Stenciling: Stencil the message, "Dump No Waste - Drains to Stream (or River or Lake)" next to storm drains. Download: Storm Drain Stenciling (803 KB pdf) or visit a section of our website for additional guidance. > Access WAV Storm Drain Stenciling information
  • Human Watershed: Compare the similarities between the human circulatory system and the streams and rivers that circulate water across the land. Download: Human Watershed (257 KB pdf)

The WAV packet is free, and no training is necessary to use the materials. Each activity is very affordable to do and provides background information, extra fact sheets and step-by-step directions. Project supplies are typically found in your home or at the local convenience store. Please see the order form page to order a WAV Packet. > Order Packet

KeysKey to Macroinvertebrate Life in the River and Key to Life in the Pond

These dichotomous keys allow users to determine the names of various organisms that live in ponds or rivers, following a logical step-wise process. Detailed drawings of a variety of freshwater organisms and short written descriptions of each help to make these keys user friendly. They are a great asset to anyone who is curious about the life they find under a rock or in a collection net when visiting a pond or river.

These keys are available free of charge. You may request an order or download pdf versions. > Order Keys

Download: Key to Life in the Pond (140 KB pdf)
Download: Key to Macroinvertebrate Life in the River (148 KB pdf)
Download: Spanish version of Key to Macroinvertebrate Life in the River translated by Catherine Woodward, Ceiba Foundation for Tropical Conservation (810 KB jpg)
Download: Key to Life in the Wetland (1.4 MB pdf)

Wacky Water Critters PamphletWonderful, Wacky, Water Critters - Currently out of stock!
This booklet includes information about the life cycles, camouflage techniques and eating habits of many of the critters that are found on the key to life in the pond and key to macroinvertebrate life in the river. It's a great resource to use with younger students, and also a good resource for teachers and those interested in learning more about life in our local waters. > Order Packet

Download: Wonderful, Wacky, Water Critters - WWWC.pdf (635 KB)

Macroinvertebrate Wildcards

These baseball card-sized cards show a photo of aquatic macroinvertebrates on the front and give a description of their habitat and unique characteristics on the rear. They are designed to aid citizen monitors in identification of macroinvertebrates. They are provided free of charge to citizens who attend WAV stream monitoring training's and are available upon request to others who will use them as an identification aid. > Order Wildcards

Who's Who in Citizen-based Monitoring

This publication was originally developed in summer 2006 and lists over 150 citizen-based organizations that are involved with monitoring of the environment in Wisconsin. It is updated occasionally online at: http://cbm.wiatri.net/WhosWho/

Volunteer Stream Monitoring Fact Sheet Series

This seven set series of fact sheets provides citizens with monitoring methods and background information for volunteer stream monitoring and the six parameters that are monitored through the Water Action Volunteers program.  There are 5 data sheets associated with the fact sheets as well.  All the fact and data sheets are available for download.  They are provided free of charge to citizens who attend WAV volunteer stream monitoring training sessions or in multiple quantities to local coordinators so they can host their own training sessions.  Individuals can also request the monitoring fact and data sheets. >Order All Monitoring Materials


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