Newsletters and Reports

WAV Stream Monitoring Newsletters and Reports

new Summer 2019 Newsletter ( 452 KB pdf)

Winter 2018 Newsletter (382 KB pdf)

Fall 2018 Newsletter (653 KB pdf)

Summer 2018 Newsletter (925 KB pdf)

Winter 2018 Newsletter (998 KB pdf)

Summer 2017 Newsletter (905 KB pdf)

Winter 2017 Newsletter (956 KB pdf)

Fall 2016 Newsletter (1 MB pdf)

Summer 2016 Newsletter (476 KB pdf)

Winter 2016 Newsletter (472 KB pdf)

Partner Organizations' Support for WAV 2015: Final Report (4.5 MB pdf)

Summer 2015 Newsletter (1.5 MB pdf)

Winter 2015 Newsletter (1.8 MB pdf)

Summer 2014 Newsletter (1.6 MB pdf) and Tips Sheet (233 KB pdf)

Spring 2014 Newsletter (1.4 MB pdf)

Summer 2013 Newsletter (1.7 MB pdf) and Tips Sheet (127 KB pdf)

Winter 2013 Newsletter (1.4 MB pdf)

Summer 2012 Newsletter (2.9 M pdf) and Tips Sheet (127 KB pdf)

Winter 2012 Newsletter (1 MB pdf)

Summer 2011 Newsletter (787 KB pdf) and Tip Sheet (124 KB pdf)

Winter 2011 Newsletter (1.1 MB pdf)

Summer 2010 Newsletter (1.3 MB pdf)

Fall 2009 Newsletter (208 KB pdf)

Spring 2009 Newsletter (147 KB pdf)

Summer 2008 Newsletter (233 KB pdf)

Winter 2007-8 Newsletter (75 KB pdf)

Summer 2007 Newsletter (569 kb pdf)

Fall 2006 Newsletter (539 kb pdf)

Spring 2006 Newsletter (456 kb pdf)

Fall 2005 Newsletter (1088 KB pdf)

Monitoring Program Brochures

Citizen-based Stream Monitoring Program fact sheet (4 MB pdf file) This fact sheet introduces the Citizen-based Stream Monitoring Program and its three levels.
Citizen-based Stream Monitoring "pocket" brochure (PDF) This brochure is designed to be used by Citizen-based Stream Monitoring volunteers to help explain to others what it is they do while monitoring, what they find, and what that information means. It also contains information about how to get involved if someone is interested in getting involved. It passes the "pocket" test, as its small size allows it to fit in a volunteer's back pocket while they're at their stream site monitoring.
Water Action Volunteers Stream Monitoring Program brochure (209 KB pdf) This brochure explains the Water Action Volunteers (WAV) Stream Monitoring Program and the six aspects of stream health that are monitored in WAV.


Monitoring Program Posters

Training advertising poster (2.7 MB pdf)

Macroinvertebrate habitat poster (from Hoosier Riverwatch; 210 KB pdf)

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