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Water Action Volunteers Stream Monitoring Methods in Portable Document Format (.pdf)

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Introduction to Monitoring (955 KB)
Biotic Index (1.3 MB)
Dissolved Oxygen Overview (891 KB) and Dissolved Oxygen Hach and LaMotte Kit Methods (454 KB)
Habitat (1.3 MB)
Level 2 Manual updated(7.72 MB)
Streamflow (860 KB)
Temperature (863 KB)
Transparency (889 KB)
Aquatic Invasive Species
Asian clams (654 KB)
Faucet snailsnew (1.68 MB)
New Zealand mudsnailsupdated (554 KB)
Rusty crayfish (659 KB)

To order printed version of these methods, use the order form. Most printed materials (except Level 2 and AIS) were last updated in 2010. Online versions available above were last updated in 2015 for biotic index, habitat, rusty crayfish, streamflow, and New Zealand mudsnails. Level 2 was updated in 2016.

Also visit our webpage where you can download the Volunteer Stream Monitoring Data Sheets which are data recording forms for each of the variables listed above.


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