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Sample direct mailing and registration Form to recruit volunteer monitors


Below you will find a direct mailing (with participant registration form) that some local coordinators choose to use to help advertise their training session and recruit volunteer stream monitors. You can copy and paste the mailing and registration form into your word processing program and adapt to meet your local program's needs.

Re: Stream Monitoring Workshop Announcement (Registration required)


The __[your local program name]__ is sponsoring a Water Action Volunteers’ citizen stream monitoring training on __[insert date of stream monitoring training]__. The training will allow participants an opportunity to have in the field practice at monitoring stream flow, dissolved oxygen level, temperature, and clarity, and at assessing water quality based on macroinvertebrates in the stream and habitat. There is no cost for the workshop. However, following the training, participants will be asked to contribute to a growing database of stream quality information by monitoring at one wadable stream at least one time per month until the fall. For those trainees who do not have a stream site already chosen at which to monitor, there will be assistance available to you to help choose a monitoring site.

If this sounds like an opportunity that you’d be interested in, please let us know if you plan to participate in the training that will be held at __[insert location of training]__. The attached registration form must be filled out and returned to __[insert name of person to receive registrations]__ so that we can plan the day based on the number of people to expect. If we have not received your registration by __[insert deadline date]__, we will assume you are not planning to attend.

Once you have registered for the event, more detailed information about it will be sent to you. If you have questions in the meantime, feel free to call __[insert name of contact]__. You can also visit the Water Action Volunteers’ website at to learn more about the statewide volunteer stream monitoring program.




___ I am not interested in attending the training workshop. Please remove me from your mailing list.

___ I am unable to attend the __[insert date of training]__, but would like to be notified of any future training opportunities.

___ I am planning to attend the __[insert date of training]__ stream monitoring training workshop. I have completed the information requested below.

Primary contact person:

Telephone (home): ___________________ (work): ___________________


Others who will be monitoring with you:
Name: _______________________________ Attending the training?______
Name: _______________________________ Attending the training?______


Stream you are interested in monitoring (if known):
Stream name:__________________________ County:__________________

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