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Sample Training Session Evaluation


Below you will find a sample training session evaluation. You can copy and paste the evaluation form into your word processing program and adapt to meet your local program's needs.

You may also download and print this evaluation Form (pdf 23 kb)


Water Action Volunteers Citizen Stream Monitoring Training Evaluation

Your assessment of today’s training session will help improve future training events. Please take a few minutes to complete this evaluation.

I. Parameters (Stream Ecology, Stream Flow, Turbidity, Dissolved Oxygen, Temperature, Habitat, B.I.)
Check the option that best applies. (Strongly agree Agree Disagree Strongly disagree)
a. Information provided to you (written and verbally) was adequate to learn the sampling procedure
b. Time was adequate to learn the procedure and ask questions/obtain answers
c. Group size was appropriate for learning the procedures
d. Instructors were effective in teaching the procedures
e. Written materials will be useful as reference material

II. Program/Site
Check the option that best applies. (Strongly agree Agree Disagree Strongly disagree)
a. Travel distance was appropriate for 1-day event
b. Site was suitable for learning procedures Indoor facilities were suitable for the training
c. There was appropriate balance between hands-on activity and classroom instruction

III. The Future
Would you like WAV to offer additional, more in-depth training sessions about stream monitoring? If so, please list topics you are interested in learning more about:

IV. Feedback
Overall, do you feel today’s training session was successful?

What did you like best about the day?

What changes would you suggest to make the training more effective?

Please offer any additional comments regarding today’s training session (use back if necessary).

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