Water Action Volunteers in the field


Checklist for Training

Below you will find a checklist of items that are necessary to carry out a successful citizen stream monitoring training event. Note that the entire list should be referred to IN ADVANCE of the training day, as many of the items require attention prior to the day of the event. You can copy and paste the checklist into your word processing program and adapt to meet your local program's needs. Thanks to Peggy Compton for sharing her checklist as a sample.

Before the Training

Place, Time, and Plan

___ Date Confirmed: __[indicate the date]__
___ Site Secured:__[indicate the site]__
___ Agenda
___ Inclement weather back up plan (e.g., bug sampling video, slides of habitat, etc.)


___Registration Table Attendant:__[indicate responsible person for each item in 'people' list]__
___Welcomer (Prog. overview/safety/etc.):
___Stream EcologyTrainer:
___DO/Temperature Trainer:
___Habitat Trainer:
___Turbidity Trainer:
___Flow Trainer:
___Biotic Index Trainer:
___Demo: Stream Shocking (optional):
___Wrap-up/Expectations/Site selection/Data:
___Training the trainers:
___Mailing (date, time, directions to site, etc.):
___Packet of materials (protocols/forms/handouts) compilation:
___Lunch sponsor (optional):
___Lunch preparation/delivery to site:
___Bathrooms (make sure of availability/accessibility):
___Publicity (before and after training event):

___Equipment distribution:
___Refresh chemicals in old kits (if necessary):
___Assigning groups (optional):
___Time keeper:
___Lunch set up/clean up:
___First aid:
___Cell phone:
___Evaluation (collection of completed evals):


Packet of Materials for Trainees (prepared in advance, 1 copy of each item should be sufficient)
___ Volunteer Monitoring Fact Sheet Series (monitoring methods)
___ Flow Methods (currently separate from other methods)
___ Data form for calculating flow
___ Recording form for Dissolved Oxygen, Turbidity, Water Temperature, and Weather
___ Habitat Checklist for Soft Bottom Streams
___ Habitat Checklist for Rocky Bottom Streams
___ Recording form for the Citizen Monitoring Biotic Index
___ Agenda for the training day
___ Training evaluation form
___ List of contacts of local coordinators/team leaders and of trainers from the training session in case
monitors have follow-up questions and to know where to send data forms (names, addresses,
phone numbers, email addresses)
___ Key to Macroinvertebrate Life in the River (optional-some groups include this in equipment toolbox)
___ ‘Effects of Land Use on Water Resource Quality’ paper (optional)
___ Map of the watershed (optional)
___ Wonderful, Wacky, Water Critters (optional-some groups include this in equipment toolbox)
___ Outline of recommended monitoring schedule (i.e., spring and fall for BI, spring or fall for Habitat, 1x/month May-October other parameters) (optional)
___ Calendar to mark monitoring days (optional)
___ Pre-addressed envelopes for data sheet return to local data coordinator (optional)
___ Disposable cameras (optional)

At the Training

Registration Table/Equipment Sign-out Station/Forms

___ List of those responsible for various tasks
___ List of those who are pre-registered for the training
___ Sign-in sheet with room for name, address, phone, email, and monitoring site location
___ Packets of materials (enough for all trainees and for walk-ins)
___ Liability waivers (enough for all trainees)
___ Equipment sign-out forms
___ Name Tags
___ Markers/Pens/Pencils/Etc.
___ Table (if outdoors and not already available)

___ Chairs (for registration table)

___ Evaluations (enough for all trainees)
___ Emergency numbers list


___ Equipment for monitors ( to use at training/for monitoring; see list on this site)
___ Horn or bell to blow or ring at the end of each session (to alert trainees to switch stations; optional)
___ Incelment weather back-up materials (bug sampling video, habitat assessment slides, etc.)
___First aid
___Cell phone


After the Training

___Follow-up with monitors
___Evaluation assessment

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