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Monitoring Equipment Resources and Contacts

The WAV stream monitoring fact sheet series describes methods for monitoring water temperature, turbidity, dissolved oxygen, stream flow, habitat, and macroinvertebrates. Each fact sheet includes a list of items that are needed to monitor as described in the procedures. This page is designed to provide a summarized list of the items that are listed in the fact sheet series and to offer contact information for some companies that carry these items.

Image of a coordinator explaining the biotic indexRemember that there are Watershed Education Resource Centers located across the state that have many of these items available for loan (at no or little cost), so be sure to check with them to see if you can borrow the equipment you need to complete your monitoring.

Please understand that listing a company's contact information on this page does not constitute UW-Extension's or the Water Action Volunteers support for the company. Furthermore, the list IS NOT a complete list of all available distributors of stream monitoring equipment, it is simply provided to assist local program coordinators with finding a source(s) for equipment. The equipment that is available from these providers may not correlate directly with equipment that is listed below which is needed for monitoring using WAV methods. Instead, the list offers contacts for companies that provide a wide range of stream monitoring equipment.

Monitoring Equipment for WAV

Equipment Description
Variable(s) measured
Approximate cost per unit (April 2009)
Calculator stream flow $6.00
Clipboard all $2.00
D-frame kick net biotic index $54.00
Dishpan (white) biotic index $5.00
Dropper bottles dissolved oxygen $2.00
Dissolved Oxygen kit dissolved oxygen $55.00
Forceps biotic index $2.25
Gloves (waterproof) all $7.00 per box of 100
Hip boots all $75.00
Magnifier biotic index $3.25
Measuring tape habitat, stream flow $15.00
Meter stick stream flow $3.00
Plastic bin all $7.00
Safety goggles dissolved oxygen $5.00
Sorting equipment (basters, spoons, screening, etc) biotic index $7.50
Stake wire flags habitat $6.15 per pack of 100
Starch solution dissolved oxygen $15 for 1 L
Stopwatch stream flow $10.00
Thermometer temperature $10.00
Transparency tube transparency $52.00
Approximate start up cost per site plus 10% for shipping Costs   ~$340


Contact Information for some companies that carry stream monitoring equipment:

Accusplit Stopwatch Company
Specializing in stopwatches

Ben Meadows
Field and laboratory equipment for sampling and analysis

Fisher Scientific
Products for scientific research and education

Forestry Suppliers, Inc.
Field and laboratory equipment for sampling and analysis

Hach Company (now includes Hydrolab)
Chemical testing kits and data loggers

LaCrosse Footwear, Inc.
Hip boots

Microscopes USA

Educational materials and sampling products

US Plastic Corporation (photo trays 52051 make great macroinvertebrate sorting trays)

Ward's Natural Science
Lab supplies for biology, geology, and physical sciences

Water Monitoring Equipment and Supply
Aquatic ecology and water monitoring equipment for lakes and streams
207-276-5746 or

YSI Incorporated
Equipment and supplies for environmental, life sciences, and temperature monitoring.

A listing of equipment suppliers is also maintained by the Volunteer Monitoring National Facilitation Project View list >>

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