Advanced Stream Ecology Training
"Water for Everyone"

Biotic and Abiotic factors, The River Continuum Concept, Trophic Levels, Pollution, Runoff, Morphological and Behavioral Adaptations. Understanding these concepts and others can help volunteer stream monitors to better understand the importance of their role and the meaning of the data they collect.
The goal of Water for Everyone is to provide you and participants in your training sessions with a "primer" or a refresher course on stream ecology, a context in which to better understand the role of monitoring and the data you collect.  The hope is that with a better understanding, the data will be more meaningful and you will be better able to communicate changes in and impacts on the streams you study.

You can learn more about streams, the organisms within them, and the ecological processes that make a stream ecosystem unique and diverse. You can then plan an advanced stream ecology workshop or build these some of these concepts into your WAV (level 1) or higher level stream monitoring training. These materials were developed in collaboration with WAV through a grant from the Baldwin Wisconsin Idea Endowment at the University of Wisconsin Madison. You are welcome to use the PowerPoint slides or copy any of the materials for your own training sessions.

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