Level 2

Community Presentation

One way to increase your community’s understanding of the health of their rivers and streams is by sharing your monitoring results. Sharing your results is a great way to educate the public, and also targeted groups. Consider giving presentations to sporting and conservation organizations like Trout Unlimited and civic groups like Rotary, Kiwanis, and Lions.

We have created a Power Point presentation template that you can adapt to meet your needs. The PowerPoint presents a basic background on Citizen-based Stream Monitoring. There is a section for each category of monitoring (D.O., temperature, etc.) and a place to insert your data results. The end of the PowerPoint focuses on how community members can get involved in your monitoring program.Online you can obtain data plus tables and graphs for Level 1 and data reports for Level 2 and Level 3 (road salt and total phosphorus) to help you complete this slide.

Also, you should replace our photos with ones from you own monitoring efforts to make the presentation personal. The local group you're presenting to may know your volunteers and be excited to see them at work. Don't hesitate to add personal anecdotes when presenting slides in order to make the presentation more your own. Also, please remove any information that is not relevant to your monitoring effort or not appropriate for the audience you are speaking to.

General Presentation Tips:

  • Use the slides as an outline for what you say, do not read word for word
  • Keep the slide text simple and minimal
  • Use straight forward language, avoid technical jargon
  • Use photos and graphics to tell the story
  • A good rule of thumb is one minute per slide
  • Refer to the notes section on each slide for suggestions on what to say and further directions
  • Bring props (e.g., monitoring equipment (transparency tube is easy), large map of your monitoring locations, a water sample from the closest stream)

View the presentation in pdf format >> (5 MB pdf file)

Download an editable version of the presentation in ppt format >> (3.6 MB file)

Other useful resources for making presentations and community outreach:

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