Network Plan

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Network Plan

Building upon experiences of volunteer monitoring programs across the nation as well as within Wisconsin, and input from Department of Natural Resources staff, external partners and citizens, a plan for advancing citizen-based water monitoring efforts in Wisconsin was developed by a team of staff from the Department of Natural Resources and the University of Wisconsin-Extension during 2005.  It called for a Citizen-based Water Monitoring Network to be developed.

The Network Plan (781 kb pdf) was written as an appendix to the Water Monitoring Strategy for the State of Wisconsin.  The Strategy directs Department of Natural Resources and partner monitoring efforts in a manner that efficiently addresses the wide variety of management information needs, while providing adequate depth of knowledge to support management decisions.

The main goals of the Network are to:

  1. Educate citizens about the status of Wisconsin’s surface and groundwater
  2. Build a network of informed citizen advocates for management and protection resources
  3. Obtain water resource data useful for Department decision-making.

This Network Plan defines the structure for coordinating multiple levels of citizen-based water monitoring activity in Wisconsin.  However, it’s important to note that fully implementing the Network Plan requires financial and staffing resources that have not yet been identified.  The existing levels of monitoring activity outlined on this website operate using a variety of funding sources.  To fully implement the Network Plan, additional resources must be sought.

Portions of the Network Plan are summarized in various sections of this website. View Network Plan (781 kb pdf file) >>

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