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Photo submitted by Nancy Turyk

Total Phosphorus Monitoring Annual Reports - Dunn County

Total phosphorus monitoring station maps and annual reports are available in the table below. If you click on any station name, you will be redirected to DNR's Surface Water Data Viewer to view a location map of that station. If you click on a year in any row of the "data reports by year" column, a pdf report for that station and year will open.

Thanks to all the volunteers for all their efforts!


Station Name Station ID Volunteers Data Reports by Year
1- Cr. 20-16. 50' U.S. of 330th Street 10012002 Ted Ludwig     2014    
Annis Creek - 2-Annis Creek. 50' U.S. Of 330th St. 10011587 Ted Ludwig         2016
Annis Creek- US USH 12 10043799 Ted Ludwig         2016
Big Beaver Creek - Cth F Sec 10 173068 Jane Redig         2016
Big Beaver Creek 2 - 50' U.S. Of 1210th Ave. 10011916 Ted Ludwig         2016
Big Beaver Creek near confluence of Hay River 10037915 Ted Ludwig and Carol McIntyre   2013   2015  
Bronken Creek at 1010th Ave
Theodore Ludwig
Clack Creek - Clark Creek 1 730th Ave. 10010743 Ted Ludwig         2016
Eighteen Mile Creek- Station 2- 50 ft US Cth M 10028767 Ted Ludwig   2013      
Hay Creek - Hay Creek Station 1 250th Street. 10010741 Ted Ludwig         2016
Knights Creek At Cth D 10028742 Ted Ludwig         2016
Little Beaver Creek - 1-Little Beaver Creek. 20' U.S. Of 1210th Ave. 10011926 Jane Redig         2016
Little Beaver Creek 30m WNW of SE corner of public access land
Theodore Ludwig
North Branch Wilson Creek -1-N. Branch Wilson Creek. 20' U.S. Of 770th Ave. 10011607 Ted Ludwig         2016
Jane Redig
Quarter Creek - 1-Quater Creek. 50' U.S. Of 290th Ave. 10011706 Ted Ludwig         2016
Red Cedar River at CTH Y Bridge 173051

Ted Ludwig and UW Stout Students

2012 2013      
Rush Creek -50 ft downstream 650th Ave (station 1) 10010697 Ted Ludwig         2016
S. Fork Hay River 1 Cth F 10010722 Ted Ludwig         2016
Vance Creek - Station 1 10009320 Ted Ludwig         2016
Vance Creek at N14158  290th St
Sara Grace
Wilson Creek - 8-Wilson Creek. 50' U.S. Of 770th Ave. 10011575 Ted Ludwig         2016
Wilson Creek - Wilson Creek Station 4 690th Ave. 10010853 Ted Ludwig         2016
Wilson Creek 1b - 50' US of Heller Rd 10011559 Ted Ludwig   2013      
Wilson Creek at 390th St Bridge 173222 Ted Ludwig         2016



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