Level 2


Introduction to Level 2

Status and trends level monitoring offers citizens a more intensive monitoring experience. Citizens are asked to follow a specific monitoring schedule, including specific times and (often) locations for monitoring. The Network will provide a position description to interested citizens describing the expectations of those who participate in the effort. In addition, the Network will host an orientation session to allow citizens to decide if the effort meets their time schedule, interest, local program funding, etc., and to allow the Network to save costs by only training those citizens most likely to carry through on the monitoring effort. Following the orientation session and review of the position description, a formal training session will be provided to citizens who choose to attend.  Citizens’ proficiency at monitoring will be assessed during training.  If citizens follow defined methodology and quality assurance procedures their data will be stored in a Department of Natural Resources database and will be used in the same manner as any Department-collected data for status and trends monitoring.  Funding for parts (e.g., equipment) of the effort may need to be sought by the citizens or local group interested in participating, as Network funding support will vary year to year.  A list of potential funding sources is available. More details about this level of monitoring can be found in the Network Plan, and using the links on this page.

Expectations of Citizens:

  • Attend orientation and training
  • Be assessed by trainers in the proper calibration and use of the required equipment
  • Sample on a schedule defined by the Network
  • Fund own monitoring efforts (depending on available Network funding)
  • Fully implement the monitoring plan developed between the Network and the citizen monitor

Expectations of the Network:

  • Provide a position description defining explicit expectations of citizens
  • Provide interested citizens an orientation session about the Network and its expectations
  • Provide training to citizens
  • Provide database for storage of citizen-generated data
  • Provide general support throughout the monitoring effort, including answering questions about methodology and assisting with site identification
  • Provide quality assurance checks throughout the effort (timeframe TBD depending on parameter being monitored and findings of 2006 pilot study)
  • Provide report to citizen monitors or otherwise demonstrate how data were used for status and trends management decisions

Level 2 Programs:

Citizen Lake Monitoring

Level 2 Citizen Stream Monitoring

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