Level 1

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Introduction to Level 1

This level of monitoring is designed to introduce citizens to the basics of monitoring, educate them about the waterbody type they are monitoring, and help them to understand the connection between land use and the resulting effects on water quality. Data generated at this level may be used locally for specific purposes outlined by a coordinating group.  Data may also be used statewide for generalized screening purposes (e.g., a first assessment of a parameter used alongside other data to see if similar waterbodies are found to have potential water quality problems), but will not necessarily be used by the Department of Natural Resources for making management decisions.

All citizens initiate monitoring at this level during their first year of participation in the Citizen-based Water Monitoring Network (except under special circumstances in which the citizen has extensive experience conducting water monitoring).  For streams, this level of monitoring is equivalent to participation in the Water Action Volunteers Program.  For lakes, this level of monitoring is equivalent to participation in Secchi depth monitoring in the Citizen Lakes Monitoring Network or participation in the Clean Boats, Clean Waters Program. Wetlands, and Great Lakes beaches and areas of concern also have programs. See below for a full list.

Expectations of citizens:
• Attend Training
• Sample on a schedule defined for the program (if interested in progressing to higher levels of monitoring)
• Submit data to online database (if interested in progressing to higher levels of monitoring)

Expectations of the Network:
• Provide training and materials (e.g., factsheets, data sheets)
• Provide an online database into which to enter data

Level 1 Programs:


Citizen Lakes Monitoring Network

Clean Boats, Clean Waters

Mussel Monitoring

Odonata Survey

Project RED

Water Action Volunteers


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